Chargers at Work

There’s grant funding available to businesses to help with installing electric vehicle (EV) charge points in the workplace.

Why – because with no tailpipe emissions EVs are a big part of the Government plan for a cleaner environment.

Employers, be they public of private sector have a role in helping the government meet our commitments on climate change reduction. We can all help, you might call it CSR (corporate social responsibility), you might do it to meet ISO 14000 objectives, you might do it just to help staff who want to go electric.
So why should we get involved?

  • Around 30% of electric vehicle drivers use workplace chargers.
  • Big fuel cost savings (around £1000 per year).
  • Reduced Benefit in Kind Tax on company electric vehicles.
  • Road tax exemption.
  • Congestion Charge Exemption.


The Details

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is the government funding scheme from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).
£500 / socket. (up to a max of 20).

How to qualify:

– The scheme is open to businesses, public sector employers and charities.
– Off street parking is a requirement
– Installation must be by an approved installer using approved charging equipment.

What’s the options?

The two factors affecting charger choices are:

– Power
– Communication.


Higher power chargers are quicker, the decision on this is often dictated by the powers supply available.

Charging Type Phases Current (A) Voltage (V) Power (kW) Charge Time (Hours)
Domestic Socket 1 10 230 2.3 10.0
Wall Charger 1 1 16 230 3.7 6.5
Wall Charger – High Power 1 32 230 7.4 3.5
Wall Charger – Fast Charge 3 32 400 22 1.2
Rapid Charger 3 63 400 43 0.6

Please note these figures are a guide, based on perfect conditions and will vary slightly from one installation to another and one vehicle to another.


3 options on communication:

– No communication – just plug in and charge (this is simple and inexpensive but does not qualify for WCS).
– Smart Charger – with SIM card. This provides reports on usage. (WCS approved).
– Charging Network System – this allows for employers to set up a controlled access via phone or “pay and charge”.

We work with ROLEC – a UK company which we believe to have the best systems available. All UK manufactured to the highest standards and fully guaranteed.

For more information and to request an on site assessment/ quote please click here.
Or phone 01986 894878

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